The Whole Physician and Revitalize Women Physicians Presents


2nd Annual EM Celebratory Networking Event

Tickets Go Live August 1
The Whole Physician and Revitalize Presents


2nd Annual EM Celebratory Networking Event


Tickets Go Live Aug 1

EM Celebratory Networking Event at ACEP

Back by popular demand! Join us in celebrating women physicians who are diversifying their careers outside the traditional four walls of the ED to create their most fulfilling careers! Take advantage of this opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals who are shaping the future of emergency medicine. Expand your network, grow your passion and be inspired by the incredible work happening in our field.









Interested In Joining Us?

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In this exciting active networking event guests will have the opportunity to: 

> Connect with successful entrepreneurs in Emergency Medicine. 

> Share your own experience in career diversification.  

> Learn from key influencers in your ideal growth field, i.e. business, leadership, coaching, publishing, investing & more. 

 > Celebrate yours and others successes over light apps and drinks.

Meet Our Inspiring Thought Leaders

These inspiring women physician entrepreneurs will be joining us at the event to share their own experiences in career diversification outside of Emergency Medicine. They will not be lecturing, they will be on the floor of the event with you and all our guests to create authentic connections and answer any questions you may have! 

Meet Your Hosts - The Whole Physician

Last year, Revitalize Women Physician Circle proudly hosted the inaugural EM Revitalized: Celebratory Networking Event at ACEP 2023 in Philadelphia, PA. The Whole Physician team joined as distinguished thought leaders in Emergency Medicine and experts in career diversification. The event was a phenomenal success, with all 70 spots selling out swiftly, resulting in full attendance and enthusiastic engagement. Attendee and sponsor feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Many attendees expressing a strong desire to make the event an annual tradition.

Building on this success, The Whole Physician and Revitalize are excited to team up once again to make this year's event even better!


The Whole Physician is a team of three experienced ER Docs, boasting a combined experience of over 50+ years in the demanding environment of busy emergency rooms. They have personally faced and overcome the very challenges that physicians encounter, including burnout, relationship issues, self-criticism, and pre-shift anxiety. Through their personal journeys, they discovered the transformative potential of coaching and became certified coaches themselves. Check out their Wellness 911 Program - designed to help frustrated, fed-up physicians assess and attack the pain points that have been plaguing our profession for years. 

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