Struggling To Lead With A Purpose?

Learn the strategies top physician executives use to drive change. 


Level Up Your Leadership

The three step coaching process to make change that lasts. 

Discover your potential.

  • Identify your strengths, gain greater self-awareness

  • Listen to feedback from others to set goals for yourself

  • Become a leader true to your values and one who puts their people first

Drive the change.

  • Develop new leadership behaviors and habits
  • Reframe self-limiting perceptions and beliefs to increase your influence and presence as a leader

  • Gain new confidence and resilience in your performance

Deliver on success.

  • Assess your results, measure the impact and re-focus priorities to continue your growth
  • Design accountability and process for continued development 

  • Engage your team in their leadership and personal growth 


In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Solve your biggest problems
  • Have an engaged and happy team
  • Change the trajectory of your career

The right problem-solving approach can make all the difference.  Our customized program combined with assessments is proven to provide enduring results.


Executive Physician Coaching

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Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Career?

Each coaching session is curated specifically for your needs as a leader. We will work through real time problems you are facing on the job. 

Executive physician coaching is for you if...
  • You are struggling with specific, difficult management scenarios.
  • You are considering a career transition, but are lacking clear direction. 
  • You are seeking total career satisfaction. 

Dr. Linda Lawrence

With an impressive track record spanning 25+ years as a Physician Executive, Linda is a seasoned leader who has held key roles in diverse healthcare environments, including the military, academia, nonprofit boards, and start-ups. Linda is a master in guiding leaders to build engaged teams and achieve exceptional results.

Her visionary approach, fueled by a high tolerance for ambiguity, brings successful change management and elevated staff engagement. Linda's expertise in strategic planning and organizational transformation fosters cultures of trust and resilience. Notably, she is a trailblazer in fostering gender equity and inclusivity, dismantling barriers, and driving meaningful progress.

Unlock your leadership potential with Linda and make a lasting impact in your organization. Together, let's shape a brighter future.

"Since completing my coaching, I am more focused, confident and optimistic about my professional future. There is no better investment than investing in yourself!"

- Dr. Andrea Austin 

"Linda’s coaching allowed me to make significant improvements in terms of enhancing not only my awareness but also logic related to executive management and problem solving."

- Dr. Ryan Murphy 

"Linda helped me to get to the root of addressing key issues and helped me to build confidence in staying the course while following through with my goals, including a career transition."

- Jen Dougall

“Coaching should be mandatory for any physician addressing challenges within the workplace or transitioning into new leadership roles. These sessions were exactly what I needed to address difficult situations in a forward thinking, productive manner.  I was able to find clarity in the process as well as improve my job satisfaction.”

- Dr. Susan Nofziger