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Introducing The Whole Physician: Empowering physicians for a fulfilling career and life

"The Whole Physician" is a team of three experienced ER Docs, boasting a combined experience of over 50+ years in the demanding environment of busy emergency rooms. They have personally faced and overcome the very challenges that physicians encounter, including burnout, relationship issues, self-criticism, and pre-shift anxiety. 

Through their personal journeys, they discovered the transformative potential of coaching and became certified coaches themselves. Driven by a deep passion to support their fellow medical professionals, they now offer a powerful array of coaching tools designed to empower physicians to take control of their lives and careers. Their mission is to help their clients feel more confident, optimistic, and at peace, enabling them to navigate the obstacles of their profession successfully.


Introducing TracySansonMD: Empowering healthcare professionals for balanced and purposeful lives

TracySansonMD is an essential resource for healthcare professionals seeking balance and meaning in their lives. Driven by a desire to make a difference, TracySansonMD is fueled by its founder, Dr. Tracy Sanson, a practicing emergency physician. Dr. Sanson is passionate about guiding individuals in discerning and cultivating their innate talents, fostering a positive impact on both personal and professional realms, leading to enhanced overall well-being. 

Dr. Sanson's diverse experiences and expertise in leadership development and medical education have been instrumental in shaping the offerings she shares with medical professionals seeking more balanced lives and more fulfilling careers. Her involvement as a national and international speaker and core faculty member for the American College of Emergency Physicians adds a wealth of knowledge to her initiatives.


Introducing Time For Your Life by Christina Shenvi: Empowering your time management and career development journey

"Time For Your Life," founded by Dr. Christina Shenvi, is a transformative platform that offers teaching, coaching, and speaking services focused on time management and career development. Unlike conventional approaches, Dr. Shenvi's key philosophy emphasizes that effective time management starts with understanding and managing one's own mind.

As a practicing emergency physician, educator, keynote speaker, and leader, Dr. Christina Shenvi brings a multifaceted approach to "Time For Your Life." Her passion for helping individuals unlock their true potential and achieve meaningful success resonates throughout her teaching, coaching, and speaking engagements.



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At Revitalize Women Physician Circle, we believe that working together carries you exceptionally farther than going it alone. This is why our Strategic Partners are extremely valuable to us and the success of our mission.

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Wider Network & Opportunities.

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