Building Cultures of Trust and Engagement.


Building Cultures
of Trust and Engagement.



Change Catalyst

Successful in developing leaders committed to continuous improvement resulting in better care, higher professional satisfaction, and lower organizational costs. 

Expert In Gender Bias

Recognized trailblazer for innovative programs fostering gender equity and inclusivity in the workplace with a proven track record helping organizations break through bias barriers

Military/Veteran Focus

Specializes in helping military physicians effortlessly transition into rewarding civilian careers through certified career coaching, enhancing emotional intelligence and  leadership skills


Dr. Linda Lawrence

Executive Coach, Leadership Development Expert and Strategic Advisor


Linda Lawrence MD, the founder of People Always Healthcare Consulting, is a certified executive coach, master facilitator, leadership development expert, and strategic advisor for executives, especially fellow physicians and healthcare leaders, who seek to overcome barriers, conquer uncertainty, and build cultures of trust and engagement in the teams they lead. A visionary, transformational leader with a high tolerance for ambiguity, Linda is a creative disruptor who collaborates to instill successful change management leadership that drives value-based high levels of staff engagement and satisfaction. Skilled in strategic planning and organizational transformation, Linda guides leaders to build cultures of trust and resilience that empower and energize staff. 

She has served in executive leadership roles for over 25 years in diverse settings in the military, academia, nonprofit boards, and start-up companies. Her military career culminated in coaching the leaders of 44K staff across 75 hospitals/clinics in the strategic transformation of medical care to become a continuous learning and improving organization promoting safety and high reliability resulting in better care, higher professional satisfaction, and lower costs. 

As a recognized trailblazer for innovative programs fostering gender equity and inclusivity in the workplace, Linda has a proven track record helping organizations and individuals break through bias barriers. A network builder for women, she serves as a core guide for Chief, where she facilitates groups of c-suite women in one of the fastest-growing women’s executive communities. 

Linda has a BA from Wittenberg University and an MD from Temple University. She is a Certified Physician Executive (CPE) through the Certifying Commission in Medical Management, an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and a certified Career Coach through the Center for Executive Coaching. She is a value-added associate with TTI Success Insights and is a certified DiSC and Genos emotional intelligence practitioner. 

She finds her own work-life harmony by spending time with her husband and their adult children traveling the world, and hiking and skiing in the Sierra Mountains. 

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Why "People Always"

“Mission First, People Always” is a foundational military leadership philosophy. Military leadership recognizes the need of leaders to balance the needs of the people and the needs of the mission. People perform the mission and without their support and success the mission will fail. Healthcare is the same. At the center of healthcare it is about the patient relationship, ensuring delivery of safe, high quality patient care. A culture of trust is essential in the relationship – patients and the healthcare team.

Creating this balance as a leader between mission and people isn’t easy and is an art developed through many years of experience. Leaders who put their people first, invest to develop their potential and leverage strengths, empower them by removing barriers, foster gratitude and instill accountability to create organizations and teams that can overcome the toughest challenges, garner highest satisfaction of both patients and people and thrive in mission success.

Now more than ever in healthcare with all the disruption, the impact of COVID-19 and high rates of burnout it is critical to get back to basics as leaders…serving our people. Ensure we are caring for our people who care for our patients. At People Always Healthcare we bring proven methods to transform organizations and serve as your strategic advisor and executive coach to build a culture of trust and engagement. Restore the joy in medicine, create resilience, ensure safety and THRIVE.