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Mastermind group for women physicians who want to thrive. 

Have you lost the passion you had for medicine?

Did the pandemic leave you exhausted, feeling out of control and struggling to find work-life harmony?

Do you at times feel alone, insecure and fear losing it all?


Take action today and join a small group of like-minded, trusted women physicians. Define your future according to what is important to YOU, gain new knowledge, skills and attitudes. Accountability and support from peers will provide you with the safety and surety to make decisions and take actions that will restore your career and reignite your passion for medicine.


Where are you today? Reconnect with your values; define work-life harmony on your terms and reimagine your future.


Gain confidence, courage and clarity to make the decisions necessary to take back control of your career and life; lean on others to support you; practice reciprocity helping others through advice, encouragement and receive the same in return.


Transform your life to regain your passion and purpose for medicine, develop the skills and habits to set healthy boundaries; and live life on your terms supported by your trusted tribe.

Change your life forever in 6 months....

Reinvent your career to align with what is IMPORTANT for YOU!
Brainstorm ideas, share new perspectives and discuss opportunities in a circle of safety and accountability.
Find work-life harmony and strategies to thrive in a changing world. 
Learn how to practice self-care so you are passionate and grateful for your life.
Have the confidence and skills to set healthy boundaries to lead your best life.
Stop suffering alone and find a trusted tribe of women who will honor, support and lift you up.
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how it works

Monthly 2 hour meeting over 6 months with a schedule of topics and personal development exercises designed to help you gain new skills and insights to take action. 


Midmonth optional 1 hr “Power Talk” check-ins for additional support, accountability and networking. 


Meet Your Facilitators


 Linda Lawrence M.D.

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Dr Linda Lawrence is a certified executive coach, emergency physician and leadership development expert who is passionate about helping fellow physicians overcome barriers, conquer uncertainty and restore the passion and purpose of their career while staying true to personal values. Linda leverages

25+ years of experience as a Physician Executive in multiple senior healthcare leadership roles within military, academia, nonprofit boards and start-up companies. A trailblazer, she successfully navigated multiple career transitions and challenged norms by making courageous and disparate career decisions to best fit her personal values as a physician, mom and wife. Throughout her career she has been a champion for women physicians and now enjoys being able to “pay it forward” helping other women find the courage and confidence to lead their best life.


Andrea Austin M.D.

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Dr. Andrea Austin is an emergency physician, Navy veteran, women’s advocate, and educator. She is an expert on gender equity in medicine. She is the founder of SoCal Women in Medicine and editor of the FeminEM's Women in Medicine curriculum. She has years of experience in group facilitation and one-on-one mentorship on women's professional development. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Austin connected with Dr. Lawrence as her professional coach. Coaching allowed her to define her values and create a more rewarding professional life. Dr. Austin now works as an independent contractor and simulation educator. She is dedicated to helping women physicians to live a more deliberate life that is aligned with their values, vision and promotes their fulfillment and flourishing both personally and professionally.

Schedule a 15 min call today to see if this is the right next step for you. Be part of the Founder Group and receive a special discount and secure your seat in this exciting new trusted tribe for women physicians.

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