Revitalize Had An Electric Evening Of Celebration At ACEP SA!

Revitalize Had An Electric 
Evening Of Celebration At ACEP SA!


In this exciting active networking event guests had the opportunity to: 

> Connect with successful innovators in Emergency Medicine. 

> Share their own experience in career diversification.  

> Learn from key influencers in their ideal growth field, i.e. podcasting, publishing, speaking, media, etc.

 > Celebrate theirs and others successes over light apps and drinks.

Thank You To Our Inspiring Thought Leaders. 
Shoutout To Our Revitalize Strategic Partners
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Core Ultrasound is an educational platform dedicated to disseminating quality, ultrasound resources across all specialties. Offering courses, podcasts, lectures and more so that we can all learn, explore and share. 


Emergent Medical Associates (EMA) is a leading provider of emergency care and episodic care management services to patients, communities, provider groups and hospitals throughout the Western United States.


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