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In this interactive session, participants will bring challenges they have been experiencing with setting and communicating boundaries. We'll discuss how to align boundaries with individual values, negotiate with personal integrity, and explore communication strategies that promote healthy boundaries and harmony at home and work.

Meet Dr. Linda Lawrence & Dr. Andrea Austin

Two passionate and accomplished women physicians and veterans, dedicated to empowering their fellow colleagues and driving positive change in the medical profession.

Dr. Linda Lawrence brings a wealth of experience as a certified executive coach, emergency physician, and leadership development expert. With over 25 years of experience in senior healthcare leadership roles, she has successfully navigated various career transitions while staying true to her personal values. 

Dr. Andrea Austin, an emergency physician, Navy veteran, and women's advocate, is a force in promoting gender equity in medicine. She has extensive experience in group facilitation and one-on-one mentorship for women's professional development. Dr. Austin's own transformative experience as a coaching client during the COVID-19 pandemic inspired her to join forces with Dr. Lawrence in creating Revitalize. 

Through their combined expertise, passion, and commitment, Dr. Linda Lawrence and Dr. Andrea Austin have forged a powerful platform in Revitalize, providing women physicians with the tools, guidance, and support they need to overcome challenges, find fulfillment, and flourish in their medical journeys.