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Protect Your Practice: How Physicians Can Safeguard Their Careers and Navigate Legal Issues in Healthcare

career diversification podcast Dec 05, 2023

In a world where lawyers often find themselves on the opposing side of doctors, one attorney's goal has been the contrary. In this week's podcast conversation with healthcare attorney Amanda Hill, she discusses her passion for helping physicians navigate the complex legal environment of the healthcare industry, allowing them to focus on providing quality patient-centered care. Discover the importance of legal support and preventive measures in healthcare by tuning into this week's episode. Learn about the importance of finding legal advocacy and feeling empowered to stand at the forefront of your medical practice and career.

I'm an advocate for doctors, it's joyful to feel like I can help a doctor go from a really bad, terrible situation to something that feels like freedom.. - Amanda Hill

Meet Amanda Hill
Amanda Hill is a highly experienced healthcare attorney based in Austin, Texas. With over two decades of experience in the field, she has worked extensively with physicians and healthcare management throughout her career. Amanda's background includes defending large hospitals as a government attorney and serving as general counsel for several prominent healthcare groups. She now runs her own law firm, specializing in representing Texas physicians. Recognizing the need for preventative legal assistance, Amanda launched Guard My Practice, an online platform offering comprehensive courses on various topics that directly impact physicians, such as contracts, fraud and abuse, employment issues, partnership concerns, HIPAA compliance, and managing difficult patient situations. Through her expertise and dedication, Amanda provides valuable guidance and support to doctors, helping them navigate the complex legal landscape and protect their practices from potential legal pitfalls.

How Doctors can protect themselves and their practices from potential legal pitfalls.
Negotiating contracts, understanding employment laws and regulations - these might sound like they’re way out of your medical territory, but being aware of these legalities can be a huge benefit for you and your medical practice. Our guest in this week's podcast, Amanda Hill, has dedicated her career to guiding physicians through potential legal pitfalls. Whether it's a bad partnership or a difficult patient interaction, Amanda aims to help doctors through these often overwhelming situations. Through her platform, Guard My Practice, Amanda offers courses to physicians, leaving them with the means to navigate through healthcare legality issues. By providing the training and resources, physicians will have the confidence to not only advocate for themselves but obtain the right legal counsel to help them through any legal matter that presents itself.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Sign up for a course on Guard my Practice to receive training and education on the legal side of medicine, helping you feel safe and protected.

  • Consider the benefits of preventative legal assistance and how it can save you money in the long run compared to paying high hourly rates when you're in a jam.

  • Reach out to Amanda Hill's law firm if you're a Texas physician in need of representation or guidance.

Connect with Amanda Hill and visit Guard My Practice: